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Yay! First Challenge!
So guys, I want you to draw me a character from Highschool of the Dead. I want them out of school uniform or work clothes, wearing something appropriate to their personality. I'd also like to see them before the zombie apocalypse begins :3

Pleeeease follow TheO's rules.

My OWN rules! :)
1. Nothing horribly revealing please.
2. Before the zombies came!
3. Fits their personality!! :3 (this is a big one, gets you the most points ;D )
4. Enjoy yourselves! :D
5. Description on why you chose that outfit :)

I'm giving you 2 months for this, and I hope to see some good ones! :)

Oh! And it doesn't need to be coloured, but I want a detailed description, please! :)

1st Place - 2 wallpapers, an e-card and 3 gifts
2nd Place - 1 wallpaper, and e-card and 2 gifts
3rd Place - And e-card and 2 gifts

Every entrant gets a gift!

EDIT As many entries as you like, and you don't have to dedicate it to me! (although I would appreciate it )

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Highschool of the Dead
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Yuuki Miku ~deathray1213
Saeko goes Gothic lolita ~MissPuppettear
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