Sage of Magic Pokemon Gijinkas

I've seen quite a few already floating around theOtaku so I figure why not have a contest for it?

The idea is to design and draw your own pokemon gijinka. A gijinka is something that's usually 75% human but with traits of the pokemon they're based off of. Good examples would be here

-Can be colored or pencil shaded but NO plain linework
-No shiny pokemon designs
-Please do not design any legendaries
-Can use any of the other pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 5
-Please use your OWN unique design : >
-Be creative and have fun!

-You can have as many entries as you want. The more the merrier~ However only one of your designs will win just to be fair to others.
-This contest isn't associated with Pokemon Gijinka Revolution. You do not have to make this an actual character with stats or anything unless you really want to. This is just for fun and design creativity : D
-The designs are not limited to 'modern' timelines. Seriously, go nuts. If you want steampunk Rattata or medieval Pidgeots, GO FOR IT.

First place gets a drawing of their design by me
Second and third get simple chibis of their designs

Double Edit
The contest unfortunately ends the day I have an exam and the weekend before I attend a convention. Prizes and awards might possibly be a little late due to this. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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