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*First Challenge ;w;*

One Color~ I think it's rather straight forward, all I'm asking is for you to draw anyone with one color.

Not black/gray though, like a colorful color

Your drawing can be of anyone you want~

And if you'd like to be fancy, you can shade it with that one color you chose
For example, say you drew someone who would usually have black hair and bright eyes, and you picked orange, you would go to the darkest shade of orange you have for the hair, and a lighter shade for the eyes

It can be any medium~
Backgrounds don't have to be colored if you don't want to

Judging will be based on how much effort it looks like you put in :3

-only one color can be used
-any character you want to draw
-can be OC's
>>>give credit to the owner of the OC if you're drawing someone else's
-can be more than one character
-no yaoi/yuri please
-keep to theO rules!
-can be dedicated to anyone!

1st- 2 colored drawings and an eCard
2nd- 1 colored drawing and an eCard
3rd- 1 colored drawing and a gift
everyone gets shiny metals! :D

You have two months!

Edit>>> unlimited entries ^^; kinda forgot to say that at first...

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