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Alright very simple challenge this time. I want you to give my OC Calix a new outfit. I want to create a wardrobe for him for he's not always wearing the same thing, for I can draw him in different outfits. But I'm in a designing rut and can't think of any new outfits plus I'm a bit strapped for time lately.

So do me a favor and create Calix an outfit and I'll add it to his wardrobe. Feel free to create new hair ornaments and accessories (hair clips, pins, necklaces, bracelets, etc) as well. The only thing that I don't want you to change is his hair style and the marks on his face.

Can be regular or chibi.

Preferably Colored.

No Background needed.

You can draw just the clothes if you want.

Other Questions ask me~!

Reference Pictures

(1), (2), (3), (4)

-Some Info on Calix Here-

Everyone that joins will get the normal ribbons and I'll send everyone that joins a gift. and the the first place winner will be the new outfit I'll have Calix wear most of the time.

Thank you Everyone!

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