Annachuu TV Characters (prizes given for winners)

I'm in a rather giving mood, and I'm really sad that there's just not enough fanart of some of my favourite characters, so here's what I want done for this challenge:

Draw any of the following characters (theme/plot is up to you):
- White Collar's Neal Caffrey (bonus if you include Peter Burke)
- Supernatural's Castiel (bonus if you include Dean Winchester)
- Doctor Who/Torchwood's Captain Jack Harkness
- Peter Parker from The Amazing Spider-Man (bonus if you do the Avenging Spider-Man version (and please no Tobey Maguire lol))

Additional characters are welcome! Any style is accepted (I appreciate all styles).

Winners will get the following:

First prize: One bust drawing of any character they want (Example)
Second prize: Pencil sketch (bust) of any character they want (Example)
Third prize: Line sketch (bust) of any character they want (Example)

Winners will be chosen based on artistic appeal, technique and creativity. Good luck!

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