infinatelove42 Every Villian Is Lemons (E.V.I.L.)

She took her hand and reached for that poisoned apple.
No more will she see the shine of the golden sun.
No more will he give her a gentle kiss.
But wasn't that all part of her Evil plan?
And into the Dark she went.

what??? Demi your doing a challenge about evil ???
How could this be ???
Yeah i know i cant believe it either hahaa.... ^-^
i guess my last challenge was too challenging
so im back with a new one yeah...

strangely enough i got this idea from touhou Bad Apple and watching a marathon of kingdom hearts walkthroughs

So here is the challenge:
i want you to take a simple character such as a Disney princess
and give them the personality of the 7 deadly sins.
(Ex: Jealousy, Pride, Greed etc...)

this doesn't have to be just disney princess
anime charas and OCs are welcome too ^-^
or it can be simple as a flower or a rock
(okay your back to your random silly-ness again haha...)
~Got it Memorized?~

~ Please stick to the prompt above if it makes any sense to you
~ Please follow theO rules or i will have you shot from a cannon
~ At least 1 entry but no max
~unless you really want to dedicate your piece to someone in need
i would like you to dedicate them to me so i will be able to see them
~i would like you to have 1 sin per character but if you want
i will give bonus points for more than 1 sin one character
thank you~

those will be in between me and the top 3
but for every entry i will give you something ^///^

i know my ideas will sometimes be confusing and down right silly
so if you have any at all i will be as honest as i can to try to help

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Wrath of Zuzu's Susano ~Zuzu Uchiha
7 Deadly Sins ~ArtSwordman Brush
The Lizard Bace Face Drawing ~
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