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Hello, everyone! This is my first challenge and I would be happy if every single one of you took part in it!

The theme of this challenge is fashion in anime. Of course anime is a fashion by itself but there some pretty impressive styles I often see. What you have to do is create your own anime character but dressed in a special way.

By special I mean not wearing a jean and a T-shirt or a plain skirt and a T-shirt. I want to see something that can be worn but will be special.

You can get inspired by these without changing your drawing style, focus on the clothes and their unique form:

Alphonse Mucha
CLAMP (XXX Holic creators)
Paradise Kiss (an anime)

If you have something already in your mind or you get inspired by something else I am completely fine.

In this challenge I will focus on your:

Originality: I want something original but not exaggerated (Lady Gaga)

Quality: I want it to be neat .

Skill: A fashion design must be proportionate even if it is anime.

Creativity: Before you start ask yourself if you can see an anime character getting popular with the clothes that you designed or if they would attract good attention.

1st prize winner: 1 subscribe , 1 fanart request and 3 gifts
2nd prize winner: 1 signature and fanart of your OC
3rd prize winner: 1 signature and 3 gifts

I hope you enjoy!You have one month for this.

If you need more time then please leave a comment saying so or PM me(there is school in the way). Also if you want you can enter two pieces.

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