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Alrighty. Before you move on, let me warn you; this challenge is very very specific on the requirements with little to no wiggle room. As long as you follow word for word, you will be able to add your creative touch as you go.

To start with, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the main character from Dragon Quest 8. (It's my icon). I use this character for nearly everything when it comes to creating an avatar, so I thought to myself "It would be cool to see the collective avatars in a picture". That's where you all come in.

These are two screenshots, one from Minecraft, the other from Phantasy Star. My concept for you is to draw a picture with six characters in it (albeit, all the same "character"). These are -

A Pokemon trainer in the style of the Dragon Quest 8 Hero

A Minecraft character with the Dragon Quest 8 Skin

A Phantasy Star avatar of the hero from DQ8

The actual DQ8 Hero

A Sim (Sims 3 Style) that is the DQ8 Hero

and finally, the Hero drawn in Kingdom Hearts style.

How you choose to group these characters together is up to you, however I do request that you do do (heehehehehehehe do-do) all six in the same picture. Use creative freedom as you see fit, but try not to stray from what I have asked of you.

I look forward to all of your entries! Thank you for taking the time to read this~

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