zero guardian Silhouettes

This challenge is brought to you by:

Zero Guardian and TiffyG2133

Your mission is to draw a silhouette of whatever you would like
it could be a...
Anime Character, OC, Realistic, Animal, Ect...
BUT! your silhouette has to be recognizable as a figure
we dont want to have to ask "Whats this?"
you know what I mean?
You may also add in lines to your silhouette, like a smile or a belt, or eyes or something, as long as its a silhouette

ok! now for prizes, everyone will be geting medals
the three winners get gold, the rest get it?

ok! now for the extra prizes

1st Place: 1 wallpaper request from TiffyG2133 and 1 colored drawing request from Zero Guardian

2nd Place: 1 wallpaper request from Zero Guardian

3rd Place: 1 wallpaper request from TiffyG2133

Just Pm us with what you want

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Silhouette ~luluseason
Melody ~nightmaya
It Just Don't Stop ~XxI wuv PockyxX
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