SayanaChan help me, get free art. again.

woah, hey, hi there. i’m back to do another free art challenge. if you aren’t familiar with the concept, let me summarize: i’m asking you to introduce me to your oc through some art and a little written summary you submit to the challenge, and in return i will draw a black and white line art of your oc.
(and here’s a link to the original challenge, if you’re interested in taking a gander X)

i did in fact run this challenge once before, and am dubbing that endeavor round one. i actually had a lot of fun working on everyone’s characters and i would love to do it again, hence round two.

the same rules/guidelines from before apply (see below). if you entered last time, please feel free to enter again. same character, different character, don’t care. the only catch for return participants is that you have to submit different art (if you are having me do the same character).

like before, there is no obligation on your end besides submitting your initial character art to me to get free art. it’s a pretty sweet deal, especially if you don’t hate how i draw.

rules and/or guidelines:
all pictures i draw for you will be black and white, inked and probably sans background. some might be full body, some might be busts. some might be headshots. some will be action-y, some will not. some will be portrait-y. some might turn out weird. it depends. asking for specifics probably won't work.

everyone who enters WILL get a picture. it might take me longer than the challenge to complete them all, but don't fret. as long as you enter before the end date, i'll get it done. drawings will be done in the order i receive/see them, and uploaded to theO and dedicated to you once complete.

i ask that you only enter once, with one oc per entry. if you try and enter more than once, i'll ignore/dq entries subsequent to the first. if you try and write/draw more than one oc into your paragraph/picture, i will ignore other characters beyond the first one i read about.

please keep in mind that this is free art, so...just don't be a crappy person?

since i'll have to pick winners, i'll give the awardy-wards to whoever has the best structured/most interesting paragraph(s). the picture you give me won't be judged so don't worry if you can't draw. neither can i. :)
***NEW*** first place will get a second drawing of their oc done in color. oooh, fancy.

bear in mind that i have some limitations:
-i am really, really, really bad at mechanical/mecha type things.

-overly muscular figures and i don't usually get along.

-i don't know how i'll fare with animals/furries/anthros. i'll give them my best shot.

-i'm cool with partial nudity/a fair amount of sexuality/violence/bloodshed/mature themes/angry villagers/etc, but keep your paragraphs within the rules of adam's kingdom. (keep in mind that i'll use a judgment call on whether or not i can post the art here. if I decide it’s too much, i’ll pm you to work out a different delivery method.)

-the character you describe must be your own, completely and wholly. it can be a character for a fandom, game, book, movie, from your own story/comic/thing, whatever, but it has to be YOUR CHARACTER. not an adjustment of a pre-existing character or an amalgamation of characters, not someone else's creation. your. own.

-if i feel that i will be unable to properly execute your requested character (due to my lack of ability, etc.), i will reserve the right to ask you to a) change to a different character of yours b) allow me to make omissions to your character or c) provide more information/options so i can uphold my end of the bargain. please don't be offended if this happens (i don't think it will). it'll be mostly my fault if it does. if after i ask for an adjustment and i still don't think it'll happen, i'll try anyway (and it probably won't be pretty, you were warned).

-if, for whatever reason, your submission for the contest is declined or you are unable to submit something that fits the art parameters i've required you have some options: try submitting again (i'm gonna ask that you try at least twice before resorting to the second option) or pm me with details of the situation and we'll work something out between the two of us. i might have to say that requests/entries recieved in this way will be placed on lower priority in the queue since i don't want everyone suddenly just throwing descriptions everywhere. i'll figure something out on a case by case basis. just talk to me. i'm nice, i promise.

if you have any other questions or comments or whaaatever please feel free to ask or say or whaaatever. you've got a month to get your entry in. thanks! (again!) :)

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