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omg hi guis

so i havent been online in a while and i just sort of got done doing that, so imma make a challenge for you to challenge me with.

you're going to draw your otp (one true paring) you know that couple that you love in a show so much that you just want them to be cute forever and also read some really x rated fanfic about them. that is what i want. no real rules, just a free for all because im bored. it can be any ship. doesnt have to be anime or manga. leik if u ship ten/rose that is fine draw me summa dat.

but jane what if u dun ship that couple?

dont worry small one im not a butthole im not going to judge by what i ship imma judge by how u represent their [golden baratone voice] sweet n spicey love.

but jane what will our prizes be

hun imma hook u up. with what i can. if ur drawing wins guess what i will attempt to draw them for you in the best i can and if i cant do that (i have issues sometimes i cannot draw people hatr) i will draw you a really cool picture which you have to be willing to settle for. if u come in second i will also draw you a thing. and in third i will draw you another thing. congrats u all get things

but jane what kind of otp?

it can be any kind. girl/boy. boy/boy. girl/girl. twelve year old/thousand year old butler. seven thousand year old angel/hunter. imortal ship captain/doctor. dominatrix/ most adorable girl working in the forensics department. anything u want u can have

but jane--

[golden baratone] hush now bb dun speak i got you

go forth bb and draw me ur otp

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