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With International Women's Day Month on the way in March, I thought I will celebrate by hosting a three-month challenge where each of you, the contestants, are to do a fan art group pic featuring favorite female characters of yours who have appeared in comic book and/or cartoons from the west (Canada, U.S., U.K., France, etc.), or do as many entries as you like. The entries can be color or black-and-white, and they can be 2D computer image, 3D illustration, hand-drawn, or painting. And yes, I'll acccept the inclusion of characters who appeared in Japan/Western nation co-production animation works (the animated Cybersix T.V. series is an example as it's a Japan/Canaada co-production).

Now, onto the prizes for the three winners:

  • 1st place will have dedicated to him/her 1 wallpaper surprise, 1 fan art surprise, and 1 ecard surprise.
  • 2nd place have dedicated to him/her 1 fan art surprise and 1 ecard surprise.
  • 3rd place will have dedicated to him/her 1 ecard surprise.

That's all the challenge info, folks!

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