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Who's up for a Colouring Challenge Ya'll?

I know lots of you guys here at theO are awesomely brilliant when it comes to colouring art. So help me out here. I just kinda wanna see some of my lineart coloured. This idea spawned from a single lineart I did, which I wanna see coloured and thanks to MangaKid, this whole idea blossomed in my noggin.

The choices up for colorin are: No.1; No.2; No.3; No.4; and last but not least No.5

Yessiree, Rules:

1) This is a colouring challenge so forgive me if I say, no fan arts allowed. I love originality as much as the other guy, But I wanna be selfish just this once.
2) Ya'll can pick 3 out of the five. Or you could submit one piece twice, just as long as they're coloured differently.
3)Pls. dedicate your submissions to moi, by that I mean me, just so I could keep up with the submissions.
4) Lastly, no need to limit yourselves, go all out and enjoy!

On to Prizes!!
not much, really..
3rd - medal and 2 gifts
2nd - medal a gift and an e-card
1st - medal a gift and a lineart of your choice

On a sidenote, for those who would want the .sai file for the lineart, if ya'll want me to make your lives a little easier, please message me. I'll think up a way so you can download it.

SO, ya'll got three months!

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