Crimson-Rose Your OC Challenge!

I want to see well thought out and designed original characters! This can be a character that you have just created for this challenge, or a character you have been working on for years.

-The character may NOT be an OC from an existing anime. (For example, you can't submit "Sakura Ketchum the long lost sister of Ash.") It must be from your own original story line.

-Post a description of your character in the description box! It can be a long or brief description. Winners will be chosen on quality not quantity.

-MUST be colored, but not limited to traditional or digital art.

-Submit no more than 2 different OCs.

-Please use only one character per drawing.

-Of course, the work must be your original work.

The winner will be based on the quality of the design in both art work and character depth. I will also feature the winners on my blog! (and give gifts to entries and winners!) :) Get drawing, Otakuites!

~~~~~EDIT: GIFTS~~~~~
-Everyone who enters will receive a gift!
-1st place winner: 5 icons /or 1 ecard of their choice (plus additional gift)
-2nd place winner: 3 icons or 1 ecard of their choice (plus additional gift)
-3rd place: 2 icons of their choice (plus additional gift)

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