Starscream 'So You Want To Join Hellas?'

"So, you want to join Hellas, eh? Well, it's a lot tougher than you think. We have to battle with the toughest of bots, avert natural disasters and keep the peace between the humans themselves! Not only that, but we have to do clean up, put out fires, perform basic civil duties and provide entertainment for our human hosts. Think you got what it takes, huh? Prove it!" - Olympus, leader of Hellas.


What Is Required

This challenge is created to not only test your drawing skills, but also your imagination and design talent.

  • Draw yourself as a robot as if you were in the 'Oh, Ionia!' world
  • Keep it simple with the abilities - Less is more! We wouldn't want you to make the other team members redundant due to you having every skill imaginable!
  • Remember, although it may be a robot it is still you, so keep true to your personality! Why not choose your favourite colour as your colour scheme and your hobbies or real life job as your abilities?
  • Can't draw robots? Well, don't worry! This is called a 'challenge' for a reason. The designs in the 'Oh, Ionia!' world are quite simple and not too over-complicated, so it shouldn't be too much trouble. Try it, you may surprise yourself!



  • New art only
  • Coloured work is recommended, but black and white is accepted
  • No plagiarism (Copying someone elses or an existing design.)
  • Keep it PG-13
  • Give your bot some thought and tell us about it in the comments. (Entries with next to no description will be disqualified.)
  • Enter only once. After all, there is only one you!


Need Reference?

Read about 'Oh, Ionia!' and see examples of the drawing style here: [CLICK]



1st: The first place winner will have their created bot featured in the 'Oh, Ionia!' comic (Due to be developed this year.) in a mini story arc dedicated to them + Credit given + Gold Medal

2nd: Second place will have their created bot featured through one whole page of the comic + Credit given + Medal

3rd: Third place will have a cameo appearance in the comic at 3 random intervals + Credit given + Medal

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