animelover5000 CrossOver Anime :D

Okay so this challenge I want you to do a crossover of your fave anime. doesn't matter which anime you choose or what ever. This is my first challenge. just now realized I could make some.... after like 3 years or so (T^T) ... But yays~ Challenge time! I've wanted to make one for a while. My brain is dead right now... So Have Fun~

---Edited--- Okay so I am going to have about... two other peoples who judge this challenge. there is going to be Me ~(oWo~) (~oWo)~ Ninetailslover, and My sister! (oWo)

***Shtuffs you needs to follow! :U***
-Keep it PG-13,
-keep TheO rules and shtuff like that.
-Black and white, Traditional, colored, digital. Doesn't matter.

Prizes will be
- 1st, A drawing of your OC(s) (any one(s))and I will color it, and a gift.
- 2nd, a drawing of a requested anime character,will be colored.
- 3rd, a drawing of an anime character you want me to draw

You have 2 months! :D

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Lets Play a Tune... ~Zuzu Uchiha
The Bunny Brothers ~Japanfunny
Two Alike ~Narumaniac
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