elricbrothersfan Movie Night!

First Challenge Ever! Okay!

Your Mission: To create promotional/box artwork for a movie featuring your favorite anime/manga/video game characters!

Imagine this... your favorite character ever is back in an all-new movie that takes place either in their home universe, or forces them to crossover with another universe and its characters in order to do whatever it is they've gotta do.

1. Only existing anime/manga/video games and characters. No OCs/FCs, please.
2. Nothing you wouldn't want grandma to see (AKA keep to theO's rules). I don't wanna have to disqualify somebody (on top of them getting in trouble with the mods).
3. You get two months.
4. Doesn't have to be colored (ie can be grayscale).
5. Crossovers optional.
6. One entry per person, please.
7. Most importantly... HAVE FUN!!
8. Oh, and don't forget to give your movie a title! And please tell us about your movie in the description box so we know the awesomeness behind it.

Other than the rules above, you pretty much have free reign.

1st Place - Gift; colored drawing of your choice
2nd Place - Gift; black and white/grayscale drawing of your choice
3rd Place - Gift; sketch of your choice

All participants will get shiny medals, of course!

Time to get drawing, guys! Remember... two months!

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