Sabriela Hellena a chain vacation with a friend

i would like to thank the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of my last challenge.

I am going on a vacation tomorrow,it will be my first time out of state. also my first vacation. we hope to have fun.

what i would like to do is kinda simple. find a friend ask then to go on this vacation with you, your friend then must find another friend to join your group and so on till you have a party. if your not sure what that means, its like this (i want to enter, i find a friend, draw a picture and submit. my friend finds a friend draws a picture and so on and so forth.)
tell me what you would do on your vacation.
each person must: find a friend,draw yourself and friend on vacation.if you r friend cant find someone else to join then they draw you and that line ends.
1. it can be yourselves or OCs.
2. it can be any medium.
3. any setting, (so you may go to Iceland while another member says they went to Brazil.)
4. any colors, it can be black and white or what ever.
5. i wont be around to answer questions seeing as ill be out of town. so you can ask my sister wingedshadowwolf.

GOOD LUCK and enjoy.

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