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Hello, fellow Otakus!

This will be my second challenge. You see, I've recently made a character for the Jeff the Killer Creepypasta story, and after drawing her myself, I wanted to see what others could come up with using just a description of her. So! Here we go!

Mina:: Looks to be about 18, has long white hair going a little past her calves in length. Her skin is pale, almost as white as her hair. Eyes are a bright, almost glowing, green. Her right eye is covered by her bangs. She wears a lot of black (black makeup, black nailpolish, black clothes, black shoes...) She usually has on a black fishnet top with a black corset over it, black skinny jeans, two half sleeves for her hands, and combat boots. She has abnormally shaped incisors, thus earning her the nickname "Vampire Girl" by many of her bullies.
Once she goes insane, she has them permanently sharpened, and steals the hearts of her victims. This starts when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her, after which she goes by the name "Mina the Heartstealer". Her catch phrase is, "It's time to take your heart for keeps, my love." She partners up with Jeff the Killer when they are still young teenagers.

If you'd like, you can draw her WITH Jeff the Killer, which honestly...I would LOVE.

I won't be doing any art involved prizes, but here's what will be awarded:

3rd place: One gift with a thanks for entering and hug.

2nd place: Two gifts with a thanks for entering and favorite.

1st place: Three gifts with a thanks, subscription, and a favorite and hug.

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