deidarasan001 Bad Haircuts!!!

Okay, I've been away from TheO for a while because my last computer was having issues, but I've got a new (to me, it was my dad's) one, so I'm back and able to comment/reply again!!!!!! And, I've got a new challenge!!!!!!

Okay, so here's the deal: I want you to draw a character, any character, from any anime/manga/video game, even if they aren't originally in it and are your own creation, with a BAD HAIRCUT.


1. Draw the character's normal hairstyle in one corner of the page. (not big, but just enough so we see what they normally look like, in case I or any other viewer is unfamiliar with the character.)

2. Draw the character with their bad haircut (You may have more than one character in the picture, but please only draw one with the bad haircut, we don't want the picture to get too crowded due to multiple characters and rule number 1.)

3. Art can be done digitally or traditionally, it doesn't matter as long as you work hard on it ^_^

4. Coloring is optional, but preferred.

5. Dedicate it to me so I can find it easier.

6. Say who they are and what they're from in the description, and also if they are your character say that too.

7. You may submit up to 2 pictures, but only one can win.


1st place: Subscribe and 2 gifts

2nd place: Subscribe and 1 gift

3rd place: Subscribe

YOU ONLY HAVE ONE MONTH. Good luck everyone!! ^_^

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Kona-chan's new haircut ~DoubleOtaku
Bad Haircut Challenge ~tigeatoray
Eve's Bad Haircut ~elricbrothersfan
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