Ametsu the Ninja Alternate Approach! [Your OC]

Draw a character depicted in a fashion you usually wouldn't .

This is an Alternate Universe challenge.
Alter something about them [your character] that would influence their appearance.

These are JUST ideas: GET CREATIVE

  • Gender-bend
  • They're always in the same mood
  • Different Era [Victorian. Renaissance. Meiji. etc. etc].
  • Different Culture.
  • They've become a priate.
  • Make em' a king/queen/princess/prince of... Jupiter...or France.
  • Cause of an apocalypse.
  • Futuristic touches.
  • Taken up magic.
  • A god/dess of something-
  • Fights crime or something as a magical knight/girl
  • Whole other species.
  • Something in their past happened different and changed them in some manner-.
  • Anything- anything-anything!

Go. Have fun.
I'd prefer you use your own character.

-Two Entries Only [I'm encouraging this!]
-Keep it PG-13
-Medium doesn't matter [Tradtional. Digital]
-Color is optional
-This isn't a challenge for a FAN character*
-Feature one character per entry [Although. You could feature two versions of the same character if that would help!]
- ♦ Explain in the description what is different! Elaborate! That's what this is all about anyway.

*Fan characters are discouraged for this, because I may not be familiar with the world the character is used in. Yet,if they have a world that's all their own- (lacking inclusion of the world they were made for) use that instead.

I will love you if you make it DYNAMIC! O3O I love dynamic things!

- A drawing for each winner with subject of your choice.

Think of it this way, this challenge won't really have a 1st,2nd, or 3rd placing. All are equal-

Dedicate your work to me so that I may find it faster.

Maybe next time, my challenge will be like my previous one.

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