Allie Elric Human-Animal Clash

For some time, I thought about what my dog would be like if he were human. I think he would be like those high school jocks because he's aggressive even when he's friendly. That would mean he's social but he also gets that random fits of anger. He's kinda like a kid, I guess?

Challenge purpose: draw your pet as a human and explain how you came up with the design.
If you don't have a pet, draw yourself as an animal. What kind of animal would you be and why?

Ex. If I drew my dog, he would have a varsity jacket (typical), has big eyes for that kid-like feature, and maybe a smile for friendliness?

If I drew myself as an animal, I would be a Ragdoll cat based on . Note: I specifically chose a cat selector because I love cats lol. But I answered questions based on my personality and pretending the quiz was for human personality.

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