mangaandanimelove Hunter x Hunter!

Hey guys!

My first challenge! yay!~

So. I wanted to do something different.... And through out my time in theO I haven't seen a challenge on Hunter x Hunter so I decided to make one!

Your challenge is to draw your favourite character from Hunter x Hunter or any character you want! (preferably the 2011 versions are preferred! :D)

I want to see all the good art out there so hurry up and show me what you got! :D


First place: a sub, two gifts and a medal? XD plus a drawing
Second place: a gift and a medal?, a drawing. (Hope I don't fail this TTuTT)
Third place: a drawing.

horrible and lame prizes TTuTT pls forgive me...

And I have some rules for chu~

-Keep it pg13

-Follow theO rules

-If you wish to draw a shipping then that's okay

-HAVE FUN OR I WILL EAT YO SOUL. (Okay maybe not but have fun!)

- have a pocky! *gives*

-and chicken derp.

-and let your artistic abilities and your imagination out! :D

Okay guys that's all! Have fun and looking forward to your art! :D

P.s: dedicate your work to me so I can find it easily or know faster xD

Miku OUT!

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