clueless101 Create your own Star Racer

That's right I'm back with another challenge. This time I'm going with my second idea that I had. I originally was thinking of continuing with the digimon stuff and I was going to ask everyone to create their own digimon but that can be for the next challenge.

Have you watched Oban Star Racers? If you haven't it's really good show. It's 25-26 episodes if I remember correctly. What I want you to do for this challenge is create your own star racer. Heck you can even create the crew that goes along with it if your feeling ambitious.

Your star racer can be simple, it can be complex, heck it can even be a bug like Prince Aikka's racer.

Other racers

I just want you all to have fun with this and enjoy yourselves you don't have to stress over it. Racers come in all shapes and sizes so have fun with this I'm giving you all two months to do this.

-Unlimited amount of entries
-Give a little explanation to how you came about creating it.
-Digital or traditional it's completely up to you
-I would like to see it colored
-Have fun

If you have any questions feel free to ask. I will be more then happy to answer.

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Oban Star Racers
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