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Hello everyone!

For this challenge I want you to draw yourself or an OC as a protagonist of a shoujo manga, which means that it has to feature the story of a girl. Most of these mangas have a romantic theme so I want you to draw something that focuses on that. For your heroine you can be inspired by the following girl protagonists:

Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)
Yuki Kuran (Vampire Knight)
Haruhi Suzuyima

1. I accept both digital and traditional art.
2. You get bonus if it’s colored.
3. You can draw up to two other characters that relate to the heroine in your story.
4. Write a short description of your heroine’s personality.
5. Try not to make a Mary Sue.
6. I want the lines to be clear.
7. No inappropriate themes.
8. You can submit up to two entries.

Remember I want your character to be so inspiring that I would want to read the manga. Try to be original and creative and have fun. Make an inspiring girl protagonist that male otakus would respect and girl otakus admire!!!

1st winner: A subscription, a fan art of one of your OCs, three gifts.
2nd winner: A fan art of your choice, a signature and a gift.
3rd winner: A fan art of your choice and two gifts

I want to see many entries on this one! So make your dream shoujo manga protagonist and have fun!!!

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