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Hello Sakuse is back yay!!! I need you help. I was actually creating a story at the wattpad and I don't have a cover yet. So I'll give you a the plot/theme. It was actually a story of a wealthy family became bankrupt. So what the head of the family planned was to create an arrange marriage for there only daughter, only child. But she doesn't want to so what she did was she turned herself into a male and worked as a bodyguard of a family.

I was actually planning to make look like a girl in a dress and behind her is a mirror with a reflection of a guy at his back. Questions are fine, you can comment or pm me. Any type will do but I prefer it inked and colored but if it is black and white and clean, it may do.

please follow theO rules. No limitations just follow theO rules ^^.
The winner, well you'll see my acknowledgement, you'll be there as the illustrator.

Thanks for your time reading my proposal ^^ (contest ^^). I'll do the best I can to give the winners and participants a token of appreciation and prize ^^

~ Sakuse

------------------------------------------ edit/additional info

Hello and thank you for participating to my challenge ^^. This post will serve as your guide and I really appreciate the questions give to me. First the genre would be mystery, action, romance, school life, modern. And now the story, I'll be only giving the main idea of the first chapter so there won't be any dialogue yet.

As a child of the most influential family in this country, I'm a respectable daughter of Francis John Fajardo and Dianne Kathleen Fajardo whom they expect to be the next head and only heir of our family. I'm Marie Claire Fajardo, 19 years old. They all expect me to be higher than my father so they've put me through a lot of training and he wants everything perfect same as my mother but every time I make mistakes she understands and teaches me herself of want should be done. At a young age, I was thought different languages which they said can be used when making an investment of meeting with the other country, they think that if I knew how to speak their tongue they'll be more convince in making agreements with out company. I already have a bodyguard and his name is Jonathan Alegre, he was my playmate and brother a like but he died when he saved me at the car explosion. And so he was replaced by his younger brother Andrew Len Alegre. I thought that he was going to blame me for loosing his brother but instead he treats me like an important sister. The Alegre have a good attachment with our family and they are good at different martial arts. I recall that when I was 9 years old, it was Andrew whose training with me by their uncle. Andrew s one year older than me and I was 17 when the incident happen. At the same age I learned how to use guns to protect myself if needed. My life is a bit complicated because of that. They all call me 'Princess Claire' it I think it is more fun to have a normal life like the other girls.

After my horse back riding session, I was called to go home at once. When I meet my parents, they told me that our family is suddenly been bankrupt so my father has decided to get me married. I thought that my mother would stand for me but she didn't. I disagree to what they want but there is nothing I can do. They already arrange a meeting with that particular family the next day afternoon. Next day in the morning, I meet up with my friend Patricia Lou Chua. I ask her help to change all of my identity and put me as one of the applicants at the Security Agents Company wherein I can apply as a personal body guard. At first she didn't agree to it but that is the only way to hide and make money to pay for the loans of our family.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nothing follows

So basically Claire's personality is actually a strong type of girl who suddenly will do what her heart says and protective. Oh and her male name would be Miles John Reyes. So if there's more question. Feel free to pm or comment. Thank you very much for your help.

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