nikkeh09 Color Pop

Color Pop What What?!?!

So for this challenge its very simple yet its not ^^ I want you guys to create a picture one of two ways... I either want very bright elaborate colors or I want a black and white photo with one color enhancer. So again you can use bright vivid colors oh so many colors or you can do black and white and use one color. For example you can draw a picture of Itachi in black and white and use red for his eyes. Its up to you!

Rules what fun ^^
*Enter as many times as you want (but only one work will win)
*You may use digital, traditional, photography you name it!
*Anime, O.C's,People, Landscapes whoever whatever you want!
*Dedicate it to me so I will make sure to see it

Prizes oh how I love prizes ^^
1st place: 3 Fan arts and a card
2nd place: 2 Fan arts and a card
3rd place: 1 Fan art and a card

Everyone who enters will receive one gift what what ^^

This challenge is very simple I want to show the different aspects and beauty color holds.

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