Kawaii Socks Prettier than you

Yo, trying to make a challenge.

You know what I love? A good pretty man. :D
So what I want for this challenge is simple, draw the prettiest boy you can think of.
Please? For me?

.:Rules, lol:.
1. Can be coloured or shaded.
2. Can be whatever character as long as it comes out as a pretty boy.
3. Or more than one character(but all must be pretty boys).

.:Judging, rofl:.
1. Creativity, of course.
2. Effort.
3. Presentation.
4. And prettiness of the character(from of a vote of me and two other people).

.:Prizes, lmao:.
1st place: Two requests from any category(fan art,wallpaper...)
2nd: One fan art request and one request from any category.
3rd place: One fan art request.

Anyway, hope to get some entries.
Any questions, you can just ask me.
And hope to see some more pretty men on this site~

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one of the boys =) ~WiNtErLeAf
Moonlight Shadow ~Sashyfrassy
Joshua ~Felcie
Hi there friend!

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