nikkeh09 Glamour Shots ^^

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!!!!! Can I just say I deeply appreciate the entries from my last challenge it was the most difficult decision I have made yet >.< AAAAAAND I really full heartily appreciate all of you taking the time to enter.... ok emotional part set aside it's time for yet another fun challenge (:


Thats right it's time to make the most ridiculous or most beautiful glamour shots ever! I'm giving you the option to either make them silly or beautiful because as we all know in reality glamour shots can go either way!!!!

**You have two months to do this
**Face must be included but full body is fine
**Backgrounds are not required (:
**Digital/Traditional is fine
**Any character can be used, O.C.'s, Anime, Manga, TV Characters, your cat lol it all goes
**Keep it clean but have so much fun with it (:
**Enter as many times as you like but only one may win

Gifts and Prizes

As we all know I will always give gifts (: (: Sooo anyone who enters will receive one
1st prize something special i'm not sure yet plus 2 fan arts
2nd prize one fan art and one wallie
3rd prize on fan art

(keep in mind I really do traditional fan art but if you want i can do digital lol)

Please let me know if you guys have any questions

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