akabane-chan Sakura Bloom

First of all let me introduce myself ~Hello Everyone I’m Akabane-Chan (Yes I’m a girl)~!!!
I’m draw in many styles Traditional or Digital ~sometimes draw on paper then editing on PC (Coloring or minor cleaning ‘Mistakes’) or just editing pictures `
For long time I’ve wanted to make a Challenge Myself, but didn’t had any good idea to make into challenge .
✿TheOtaku.com has many talented and daring artists✿
I’m saying in the beginning challenge will be rated for the best idea & not how well You can draw (in traditional or digital) It does not matters as long You have a great imagination~!!!
April is month of spring everything Blooms so Let us make many beautiful ‘Blooming’ art pieces.
♣The theme: Sakura Bloom (cheery tree in bloom Pink or white);
So It could be drawing of OC /game/anime/manga/TV/book/movie/ yourself/scenery (city, woods, mountains, cemetery &etc.) just make in comments a little intro what you illustrated and from where, if You used a Reference image, add link too;
It’s spring let me see what You see in spring time~
♣Category: Fan art/original
♣You Can Draw: traditional or digital, color or not, Animals, line art (but no tracing), you can do Bases (but try make more detailed & link to base original, no stealing base ask owners ,ok),
♣Allowed: Editing or adding glitter, feathers or real flowers (if you have home some extra ideas to make things awesome~ PC or real life edit just make good scan/photo, Ok)
♣What in Drawing must be: A Sakura flower (it could be one flower, a tree branch in bloom, a whole tree, maybe even a whole valley of Sakura trees in bloom);
♣What not to draw: So I’ll be honest I’m not fan of gore (way to much blood or chopped off limbs or
organs outside);
♣Please follow TheOtaku guidelines;
♣You can submit as many you want, but you will only be placed once in the ranks;
Have any Questions PM me
1st Place ~3 gifts, a small drawing from me(dedicated of course to the winner );
Optional ask for chibi art or anything I’ve done before(color & background);
2nd Place~2 gifts, a small drawing from me(dedicated of course to the winner );
Optional ask for full chibi art (black & white ~can add 3rd color, with background);
3rd Place ~1 gift, a small drawing from me(dedicated of course to the winner );
Optional ask for chibi line art (no color, no background, but make awesome promise)
*An extra Place (just in case something will catch my eye)~ something special made by me, dedicated, too
Make note I’m not professional artist please don’t ask impossible things ok
no creepy stuff too (no zombies, no nude or gore stuff)
The challenge will be till 12 May~
~Let us all have a wonderful time ~!!!

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