OoAnBuOo Couples

HEY THERE! *waving at you*

If you have some time would you try this challenge please? It´s a simple one. As the title indicates I want you to draw a couple in a couple-y situation like kissing, holding hands, playing together, walking home together, any situation you can think of, heck, even having a fight (small or big or for fun) will be accepted, or a whole family making a picnic... Really, go all out there. As for what kind of couple, there are no restrictions so it can be a fictional couple, traditional male/female, shoujo ai, shounen ai, animals, mythical ones (vampires, werwolves etc), really everything.

As for the rules:

- keep the rules of TheO in mind
- any media accepted
- color would be nice but no must
- multiple entries allowed (but only one will be chosen)

As for how it will be judged:

I´ll take into consideration how many of our fellow members liked and faved your arts, keep into account any comment that was made, the atmosphere you created, how it fits the theme and my personal "judgement".

As for the prizes:

- everyone will get a little gift and, depending on how many enter and how i´m pressed for time, a little fanart

- prizes for first to third will be either surprises or I´ll ask the winners what they´d wish for, while first gets three pieces, second and third will get two

It´s really simple, right? So if you have the time and inspiration I´d be glad to see you around

See you! ^^v

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