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Hi everyone, I haven't had the time to create a challenge in a while (being in job corps and all), but I have a little free time right now so here is what has been on my mind all morning.

I had this crazy dream last night about my castle being attacked by aggressive dragons. but I went to the roof and was able to persuade this huge black dragon to stop the attack. it was later that I understood what I even said to him as I had to ask my t let me marry this creature. somehow it was fine. but on my wedding day he appeared t me in his human form.

Dragon men or man dragons, as the title suggests male dragons. I would like you to draw me something that either reminds me of him o one of his forms. his head was the size of a car and wings could blacken the sky. there was a light tit of color that shimmered off his scales. as a human his skin was a dark tone and had a presence that both commanded and calmed, and somehow raised the pulse.
sorry I cannot be more descriptive about him as I remember more of the feelings of the dream and less of how he looked. also with my limited time I may not be able to answer questions for a few days at a time.
you can use any medium and you have 3 months. good luck.

[Twist: you can only use 4 colors at the most.]

I am excited to see your art as always and maybe a bit more this time.

1. no dragon parts
2. have fun

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