KiKi 777352 Sketch, Color, Neko!

Alrighty! I love making contests so here we go again! :D

I've decided that this contest's theme will be... *drum roll*

Draw A Neko Friend!

My original character Scarlett needs a buddy (or a secret lover xD). Soooo, what I'd like YOU to do is to draw my wittle Scarlett with a neko of your own! :D (Link of Scarlett below)

I'm thinking about making a mini series of a comic with her so she needs some pals. :D

Now the Catch:
NO COMPUTER EDITING OR COLORING. I'd like to see some just drawn, inked, colored, & scanned pictures for this contest. It'll give everyone a semi-fair chance. :D So no photoshop or nuffin okay? :3 Only pencils, markers, and stuff like dat to draw it. :)

The Winners will be included in my mini series. :)

1st place: Included in series, medal, 4 art requests (colored/B&W)
2nd place: Included in series, medal, 3 art requests (colored/B&W)
3rd place: Included in series, medal, 2 art requests (colored/B&W)

Got any questions? Just ask. I dont bite. :B

NOTE:: If I really, really like your character, they will be put into the manga and you will get a medal. :D

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Contest Entry (LineArt) ~The Shirt
Jerry And Scarlett Neko ~jerryabistado
Contest Entry: Aoba und Scarlett ~Animatious
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