reaper3 yugi oh cards

this is for my yugi-oh fans.i want you to create a set of three fanworks.
it will be a small themed card set.this means they all look similar.
the drawings can be human or not as long as they share a title name and stradigy
when i say title name i mean like this
cloudian-smoke cloud

get it? the name should be the set name and then a personal name with it
you can take your time with these as this will be a two month challenge.

the pictures should all be basically square.back ground will get bonus points.
these theme cards can have an effect written in the box bellow
again bonus points for proper term use from yugi-oh
how ever this will not grant you an instant win this contest is a bout great
artworks that would look badass as a card.
bonus points just means youll get an honorable mention and maybe even a prize anyway.


  • 1st place:fan art,wallpaper,and fan comic request by my friend rose
    she draws better then i do lol

  • 2nd place:wallpaper and fan art request;again by rose her site is 36 inc.
    she asked me to post this cause she cant yet.

  • 3rd place:fanart request by rose and a doodle by me.

btw me and rose from 36inc are very close friends and this contest thingy is of her request cause i dont do anything here anymore lol
so me and her will be judging your drawings for 2 months please have fun dooing it and remember that there will be prizes for those who try .well good luck.

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