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Hey, y'all, recently a friend and I decide to make a joint channel together for voice acting or fun and I thought it'd be cool if we had some custom channel art. I really liked the art I've received before on this site so thought I'd try asking on here again :'D

I'd love a couple chibis of our 'personas' (you can do full body/non-chibis if you'd like, as long as it fits within the YT dimensions [2560 x 1440 pixels according to google]) that'd be our youtube banner header. I don't have a preference for bg color, maybe white/transparent or a light color that wouldn't stick out too much/be too bright compared to the art.

(don't worry about the logo, I'll probably just use a font I like or have a friend make it for me-though if you guys have really nice handwriting/typography skills I'd be fine with including that too)

Here's a concept of what I had in mind for the banner: (feel free to draw whatever pose you want)


Character References: (sorry I don't have as many references for my friend's chara)





Digital art is preferred but if you want to use watercolors/colored pencils or other forms of traditional media I'm fine with that too~ Lemme know if you have any questions!

I might search for people on DA to do this too, but I appreciate anyone and everyone here who enters! (Maybe if I can figure it out I might use some art I receive in future thumbnails for my vids :')

As for prizes, well, I don't really draw that much anymore so art from me wouldn't be that appealing (not that I was that decent when I was anyways cough) I can offer some Gaia Gold, I can't keep up with their economy so the amount I have would still be considered "poor" but I don't really need it if anyone still plays that game. (I have at least 10,000,000,000-I hope that's enough for Gaia users who considers entering.)

And also some Deviantart points :'D I don't have a set number in mind since I'm waiting on other ppl to finish commissions for me so I don't wanna promise anything and not have enough by the time this is over but I can probably give the winner here at least 100 points even if I end up using another artist's style for the final banner.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this at least! Lemme know if the links don't work (since theO still doesn't have any "preview" buttons from what I can tell ^^;)

EDIT: I meant to have the duration be 3 months like my other contests but submitted this before I noticed to change it, sorry! (Edit2: Huh, I guess the deadline says it's in October anyways somehow, so I guess you guys have more time than I thought so I guess it worked out xD)

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