Keya Gotta Catch Em All!

In celebration of my birthday (which is May 2nd), I'm opening up a new challenge! I've had this idea in my head for months, but I only recently had a chance to sit down and write this out. Between work, a move, and now work again, I've been crazy busy lately.

My challenge is Pokemon gijinkas! I've seen a bunch on here and on DA, and I just love them. I love seeing other artist's creativity come to life out of what we all love. My challenge will be to draw your favorite gijinka or make a new one out of your favorite pokemon!

Mew has been my favorite pokemon since Pokemon the First Movie hit theaters. I instantly fell in love with her. I still love mew so much that I not only made a gijinka of her, I also have her tattooed on my shoulder. She's my little piece of my childhood and of the innocence of that time in my life.

-keep it PG13
-follow theo's rules
-traditional and digital allowed
-doesn't have to be colored or have a background
-have fun and give an explanation about your character and why you made a gijinka of that specfic pokemon

1st place- bust or half body watercolor
2nd place- colored piece in colored pencils
3rd place- sketch or chibi (choice of winner)

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