WildGirl1977 This Is Halloween 2

Last year I ran a Halloween challenge and it was a lot of fun,so I'm doing it again! The last one only ran for a month, but this year you get three whole months to enter, so let's do this! Here are the rules:

Draw your OCs dressed up for Halloween. Include as few or as many OCs as you'd like, wearing whatever sort of costume you'd like. You can even draw yours and a friend's OC having a Halloween party or going trick-or-treating if you'd like. Entries are unlimited and you can choose any medium. Black and white or color are fine, whatever you think is going to work for your drawing. Please follow the rules of TheO (of course) and explain in the description who or what your OC is dressed as. And have fun!


1st place-A regular drawing and a chibi of your choice, and a dedication.
2nd place-A chibi of your choice and a dedication
3rd place-A chibi of your choice
All participants-Gifts

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Trick or Treating with ghost! ~toyotami kun
Costumes! (Coloured) ~
Halloween Parede ~Psychopaula
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