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HI guys~
Thought i´d give another challenge myself.

Now it is the cold time of the year on the norhtern side of earth so I thought to warm up our hearts I want YOU to draw

- Something that warms your heart in the cold winter. Im not particularly asking for it to be a winter drawing because that´s not neccessarily what makes you feel warm and cozy. I dont want to restrict you in your choice so you can draw ocs, fanart or just landscapes or whatever. I wish for you to capture the feeling.

As for the rules:
- keep the rules of TheO in mind
- multiple entries are allowed

As for the prizes:
I intend giving prizes in accordance to how many enter. I will ask personally what the winners wish for and draw within my abilities. Runner-up prizes might be given, too (depends on how many enter and the time i have available at that time).

So, tyvm for reading so far and hopefully you have the time to participate. May inspiration and time be on your side.

See you soon~

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A Warm Place ~kita mikichi
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Donald Duck & Daisy - Christmas Hug ~I230
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