SoraIIIX Harry Potter Couples!

Pretty simple challenge. Just draw your favorite Harry Potter couple!

Doesn't have to be canon (couples that are official in the series such as Harry/Ginny)

I definitely support fanon pairings! (such as Draco/Harry or Hermione/Snape)

So, all I want you to do is draw your favorite couple. Doesn't matter if its hetero, yaoi, yuri. Whatever. Just keep it within the rules of the site. Nothing too explicit. I rather like cute couple pictures than 'sexy' couple pictures.

Also, as much as I know we all enjoy crack pairings ( Remus Lupin/The Whomping Willow, Dobby/The Giant Squid, etc...) I'd rather keep this relatively serious.
(Things like Dobby/Winky are fine though :3)

I'm looking for creativity
cuteness (not really sexiness)
I'd like for them to be in colour (traditional or digital, doesn't matter)
a description of why you like this couple in your artists comments.
The last thing I would like is sort of like a little catch phrase in the artwork that relates to the couple. Sort of like... 'Puppy love' for Sirius and Remus, or 'Fire and Ice' for Ron and Draco (Or 'The Prince and the Pauper' works for that couple too) or 'Great Minds Think Alike' for Snape/Hermione or something. Just some clever little thing that relates to them.

If you win, the prizes are:
First place: A wallpaper of your work and a colour fanart of your favorite couple.

Second place: A colour fanart of your favorite couple.

Third place: a black and white of your favorite couple.

Good luck, you've got two months!

The challenge has ended! Thank you all for participating, I loved all of your entries!

First place: FunnyWaffle with "I Hate that I love You"

Second Place: Jessyca with "Planting Love"

Third Place: destroyedinsecs with "Unrequited"

Thank you all so much for participating, for those who one please message me if you want your prize or not :3 Sometimes people don't want them xD haha Thank you!

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Hate That I Love You ~FunnyWaffle
Planting Love ~jessyca
Unrequited ~destroyedinsecs
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