SayanaChan bear and cougar have fallen in love.


i have a challenge for you ever-loving boy on boy action loving super fans.
heck, it could even be for those who aren't hip to the boy on boy action and just want the bragging rights that come from winning this challenge.

here's the deal.

i want you to draw bear and cougar together.

who are bear and cougar?
bear and cougar are two animals
from the forests of south dakota who
have fallen in love with each other and
now document their lives on the infamous
here's a reference picture.

rules, rules rules.
- both bear and cougar must be in the picture in some capacity. i'll let you toy with that idea.
- the animals have to be clothed. they aren't in the ref, but there's a reason that picture isn't hosted on theO (anymore). HA.
- it doesn't HAVE to be colored. nor does it REQUIRE a background. however, it doesn't hurt to have one, either, or both.
- don't draw scenes that would get the picture removed. keep it...cleanish? i'm not saying implications are a bad thing, though. just keep it within the tos.

prizes will be whatever you want from me.
something written, something (poorly) drawn (i did draw the ref, so there's my example), an interesting aim chat with me...uh...whatever. as long as it's within my means and doesn't break my moral obligations.

you've got three months for this one.

if you enter, please ask your subscribers to at
least check this out. if you don't enter, but like
the idea nonetheless, please ask your subscribers to
check this out. it'd be super helpful if you did that.


if you have questions, i'll answer them as best i can. i get the feeling i've forgotten something important, so...just let me know if i did.


**contest's over, thanks for entering! you're both awesome and therefore both winners! just let me know what you want for a prize (as per the guidelines above) and i'll do my best to get it to you before too late. :D

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