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Okay. Now, in this challenge, you will draw Hideto Takarai or commonly known as 'Hyde' I am very obsessed with Hyde right now. I have no idea why though. I am weird, I will admit it. But, here are the rules that are given.

-Can only have 1 entry
-The picture can be drawn chibi, manga, cartoon, or realistic style
-Has to be appropriate
-There is an exception to every rule, except this one. Just kidding!


The artwork will be rated by points to make it easier. Here is how many points you get if you do these things.

Joined Contest-20 points
Drawn-40 points
Colored-10 points
Background-25 points
Initialed, watermarked, or signed-5 points


Note:I do consider black white and grey colored.


Here are some suggestions on what to use.

-Wood pencil
-Mechanical pencil
-Colored pencils
-Oil paints
-Acrylic paints
-Oil pastels
-Digital drawing or coloring

You don't necessarily have to use all of those. They're just suggested.


These are the prizes for the contest

1st place:Fully colored drawing with background of their favorite anime character
2nd place:Fully colored drawing with no background or their favorite anime character
3rd place:Lineart or black and white drawing of their favorite anime character

Now remember this. This is due October 17, the day before my birthday. :D lol That gives you about 30 days. I think. If you need more time because of any circumstances, let me know so I can change the due date.

Good luck with my contest!

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