sillymoose Your Favorite Anime(s)

yay! my first challenge!!>sorry for the noobness!=u=<
ok, this challenge is pretty simple, just draw your favorite anime(s).(keep in mind that it can be cross over animes too) simple enough?
The Twist!!
you have to draw them in your own style and it has to be in a scene. it can be funny, sad, serious, actiony, or anything else you can think of!
Rules creative of course!
2.please dont blind me with things like nudity and such. thank you!^U^
ehh...i dont know how the prize thingers work so...ill just do this?O-O
First Place!a gift and two art requests(your choice of colored or not)
Second Place!a gift and one art request(color option is the same as the first)
Third Place!a gift for your portfolio^U^
Oh yeah!! just to warn you guys for those who might want color, that my coloring on the computer is not so great..just look at my portfoliio and youll see..sorry!!=.="but ill be happy to hand color it if youd like![:
feel free to ask questions/comment[: and good luck!

*NOTE: all of them were really good but some of you guys didnt really follow the rules so i based the judging on that...
1st place : Cinnamon Sparrow
2nd place : HitomiTatsuyo
3rd place : SRI
thank you to everyone who participated!!^U^

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"If We Ever Meet Again... ~Cinnamon Sparrow
Genjutsu Lullaby - Yuhi Kurenai ~
Your soul.... ~SRI
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