AnimeGal816 Your Favorite Anime Parring!

Ok, this is really simple, all you have to do is draw your fav anime parring(s)!


1. I allow Yoai and Yuri. I don't care if you even do both, just have fun.
2. You can have up to two entries, that's it.
3. It can be drawn/colored on the computer.
4. It doesn't have to be colored, but no line art.
5. Keep it at a PG13 level! NO NUDITY!
6. Backgrounds aren't really required.
7. When you enter your submission, dedicate it to me so i know.
8. Winners shall be shown in my world called World Of Me. There will also be honorable mention(s).
9. Have fun!

How it Will be Judged

1. Neatness
2. Accuracy
3. How hard you tried


First place, two gifts and one colored request! Note: REQUESTS MUST HAVE A DUE DATE, OR I MIGHT NOT GET THEM DONE!
Second place, one request and one gift.
Third place, one gift
All the others....will get a thanks for participating!

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Challenge completed
Sakura and Syaoran ~
Izuru and Hisagi!!! ~beloved blood
Puzzleshipping - I Give You My Heart ~RSRKingdomStars
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