AnimeEmoKitty Music!!

This is seriously easy, Pick your favorite song and draw how it makes you feel, then in the description box thing, write how it makes you feel! Super easy, you can put the lyrics with it too:D Now, doesn't this sound fun??? Anyone can do it:D lol since my last challenge had 4 entries(thats a lil pitiful) I think ya'll should spread the word! You can have up to 2 entries per person!


1) Nothing explicit please!!

2) Have Fun!!!

3) Do it in your own style

4) If you don't have a favorite song, ask a friend:D

5) You may color it:) I like colors

6) Bright colors make dark colors POP!

No more sensible rules.......... oh wait..... here's a final one...... NO GORE PLEASE! I CAN'T STAND BLOOD!

I guess you want to know prizes, right? Well I'm keepin myself busy with the last challenge I made's Prizes so lets make these the same, and guess what??? You get MEDALS!!! Like a combo meal!!!

3rd place-1 request
2nd place-2 requests
1st place-3 requests & then 2 of anything you want

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THE BEARS ARE COMING ~IrrationalPrince
Elemental Ame ~HametsuKuro
Lost in a Snow-Filled Sky ~kita mikichi
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