EmoVampireRiska Who Says Art Doesn't Feel?

if you dont...well... just remember, i can disqualify you XP

>.> yeah, as some of you SHOULD know- most art has some sort of feeling behind it. like it could make you feel sad, or happy, or even want something :3 to make this as simple as possible:
- make it so your art is 'saying something' to the viewer(like "LOOK AT US!! WE ARE IN LOOOVEEEE" x3 or "i hate you so much... jump in a ditch.. ect :3)
- have it so when someone looks at the piece, they feel something^(be it joy or depression..ect..)
-make it so the viewer might want something (like love of their own, or happiness)

(sucks, yeah i know >.>)

~ abide by site rules <3
~ nothing too inappropriate
~ colouring is NOT necessary, but i like :3
^that being said, just because you didnt colour doesnt mean you wont win :D
~ you can have as many characters in each submission as you would like
^just please dont have the picture be too busy (too many things going on at once) <3
~ please put in the description:
^the situation (if the character is in one)
^and the emotion going on (this especially)
~ it doesnt have to be fan art, you can draw yourself or an OC
~ you can re-submit any art you have already done
~ you dont HAVE to dedicate it to me, but it makes everyones lives a little easier
~ submit as many pictures as your little heart desires (lol make 30 if you want)
~ you can have 'couples' or whatever
^ they can be straight, or boyxboy/girlxgirl- what ever floats your boat
~ if you have any questions just send me a PM, or comment on here :D
~have fun <3

you dont have to be an artist to enter this challenge
just try your best
if it looks like you really put alot of effort into the picture, then it will show, and most likely just for that ill send a gift or put the pic and your name into my world :3 <3


-all participants will receive a pretty award courtesy of theO :3
-i will also be subscribing to anyone that im not subscribed to(as long as they enter :D)
~~ 1st place will receive:
-bragging rights
-a gift
-a lineart
-a coloured fan art
-a different coloured medal
~~ 2nd and 3rd places will receive:
- bragging rights
-different coloured medal
-a gift
-one of the following:
*a card
*a lineart
*a coloured fan art.

- random arts that i really like for one reason or another might receive gifts :D

all types of art are accepted, be it realism, paper people, chibis, normal anime, or whatever xDD

thank you all^^
good luck <3


- the picture doesnt have to have people, it could also be abstract, or be a landscape ^^
- and my friends 'Yaoi Equl Owie XD' and 'SonicFoxStrk' will be helping me judge these, because they are both relatively new and havent gotten biased towards certain people yet xDD and because..i know them in real life xDD

(im a ninja )

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