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Hey everyone! I'm back for the second time with a new challenge!

I'm sure everyone is riled up for Christmas, but what about New Years? Did you know that in Japan New Years is more important than Christmas? YOU WANT TO BE OTAKU DON'T YOU?! SO LET'S GET EXCITED!

The challenge rules are simple, so everyone should be able to participate!

• Must be related to New Years
• Can be any medium (digital, traditional)
• Can be any style (anime, impressionist, realism, etc.)
• You may choose whether or not to include color
You can submit up to 2 pieces ONLY
• Nothing that is inappropriate for TheO. That will not be tolerated WHATSOEVER

Now for the best (?) part, the prizes!

• 1st Place - A chibi sketch similar to this of a character/person of choice + a gift + a card
• 2nd Place - 2 cards + a gift
• 3rd Place - 1 card + a gift

Please be aware that I will try my best to draw whatever it is the winner wants. However, I'm human so my abilities are limited (I wish I was a supreme Ninja Otaku Master of Art, but alas we cannot have everything we want). There are some things I can't draw xD

• Creativity (/10)
• Effort (/10)
• Quality (/5)
• Artistic Ability (/5)

I not only judge on how good you are, but how creative you are. I look for effort. So if I see a really good artist drawing something that took them 5 minutes, and an artist who isn't the greatest at drawing but put a ton of effort into their picture, the second artist is more likely to win. I want to make it fair so EVERYONE has a shot at winning.

You have 1 month for the challenge. Good luck!

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Romantic New Year ~micahu
Happy New Years~! ~SakuraHigure
Frenchie's new year ! ~IChiTa
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