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Draw my OC, Q. Info: Q page

Ref from me: Q by Raine (you have to have an account that says you're 18 to see this image, there's a mature warning on it, it's not that bad, I just put some blood on and rated that just to be safe XP)

Refs from others: Q by Gregor-lives

Q by choirfolk

Q by graniteclaws

Q by CuddlyPolarBear

You can draw him however style you want. B&W (black&white) or colored is fine, it doesn't matter to me. In whatever outfit you want. (he is a crossdresser but it's fine if you wanna draw him in 'normal' clothing [as long as it doesn't break the rules, I'm fine with anything, and if you have a DA post it there too so I can fave it there as well =w= LOL too bad this site only lets you submit jpegs, that format always makes my pics blurry when I save it.])

Everyone gets a medal for participating. (I think? Or whatever the site sends you after the challenge is over XD)

Winner-One drawing of their OC/character request.

You have 3 months, have fun~ LOL, I'm glad this challenge section exists, it's easier to be organized. Um, well, that's about it, if you have any questions, just comment and ask.

CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS! Please tell me what OC/character you'd like me to draw for you =)

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