Keba Si Rota Get to Know a Rock Star

It's my first Challenge ever! (I'm so nervous.)

I enjoy looking at fan art of rock stars. I think it's fun to compare manga/anime caricatures to their real-life counterparts. So, that's why I created this Challenge-- to see fan art of musicians.

The Challenge has a catch, though. It has to be a fan art of a musician/band that does not have their own category on the O, yet. That's why it's called "Get to Know a Rock Star". You are introducing a new musician/band to the O.

Now, for the obligatory stuff:

1. READ THE RULES!!!!!!1!!!11 I can't stress that enough. I've seen too many Challenge entries that have very little to do with the actual Challenges that they were submitted to.

2. Your drawing can be of any musician in any musical genre as long as they don't have their own category. I don't care how obscure the musician/band is.

3. Don't worry if someone has already submitted a drawing of the musician/band in the "Other Music" category. You can submit a picture of a musician/band even if someone else has picked the same musician/band to draw and submit.

4. The art that you submit must be that of a real person/band. No fan characters.

5. The picture can be done in manga/anime style, realism, or whatever you want.

6. You can use any medium you wish.

7. Please submit your picture in the "Other Music" category. I subscribe to that category, so it'll be easier for me to find it than if you submit it in the "Personal" category.

8. If you enter a picture, but later on you draw something you think looks better, you can submit that second picture, too. Just let me know which one you want me to judge, because I will only judge one picture per person.

9. Please follow the site's submission guidelines. This should be obvious.

10. Here's an easy rule to follow: NO ART THEFT! If you submit art that's not yours, not only will you be disqualified, I will report you.

Bonus Points! (Not really rules, but this will increase your chances of winning.)
1. Make your picture more than just a line drawing. Shade or color it.

2. Give your artwork personality. A person or people just standing there isn't very interesting. Make band members interact with each other.

3. What do musicians do? Make music! You can draw your musician with an instrument or microphone.

Other Stuff! (Not really required-- just do it if you want to.)
1. Say something about your musician/band. What kinds of songs to they perform? What instrument(s) do they play? Why do you like them? How did you find out about them? After all, this is the "Get to Know a Rock Star" Challenge.

2. Link to one of their music videos on YouTube (official, if possible). If you need help making links, just ask!

1st place: A drawing of one of your favorite bands (list some to me and I'll pick one), a card of one of your favorite anime with song lyrics (again, list some favorites), and a gift of your choice.

2nd place: A drawing of one of your favorite bands and a gift of your choice.

3rd place: A card of one of your favorite anime with song lyrics, and a gift of your choice.

Final Notes!
1. You have two months.

2. You don't need to dedicate your picture to me.

3. I will withhold comments on your pictures until the contest is over.

4. Feel free to ask me any questions. After all, that's what comment boxes are for.

5. Good luck and have fun!

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