Randomness Pic Of All Time . . . 2!

Hey everyone who has accidently clicked the link to this contest! :D

You have stumbled into this deep dark room of sec-wait what? I thought you said this was a ooooohh!! My bad everyone, this isnt that deep dark room of secrets you were looked for . . . instead, it's another contest by yours truly, gaara is cool135 and yes, i know, gaara is cool :)

Anyways, this contest, is like the first, and as the title says, Randomness Pic Of All Time!!!!! 2 . . . yay!! Now it's your tim eot applaud . . . >:( fine then i'll just go on!

Let's lay down some easy peasy simple rules:

Dont copy other peoples ideas

un well, play safe i guess

black and white, color, semi color semi white, i dont care, as long as it's random!! yeah!

now, i shall give you ONE MONTH to complete this task =.=
So, that's about it, i guess . . . :P

~Yours truly, Jess-chan, with lots of love!! :D

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My lameness!!! ~Nino Umaka
quaquaquaquaoutsidetimewithoutextensionwhofromtheheightsofdivineapathiadivLIKEABOSS ~MaCheriexx
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