Angel Zakuro Belimai, that boy is a monster.

Hey guys! :) Thanks to everyone that submitted to my last challenge! Which was an ecard challenge...that's all I've done so far, card challenges (since I really find my expertise in them), but I wanted to set up this fanart challenge!! A bit of a selfish reason really (cause I love the character!). XD So here are the rules!

This challenge is based off of the fantasy (well, semi) novel that I recently finished reading, Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale. It's a very very good book, although it was very short, but the author is going to be writing a sequel soon, hooray! :) So what I want you to for this challenge is to draw the main character, Belimai. I shall now describe him to you!

Name: Belimai
Gender: male
Age: 20's
Race: Prodigal (prodigals are descendants of demons in this book; they are ostracized and hunted down because the Inquisition believes them to be threats)
Features: long, black nails, pointed ears and teeth, can fly
Hair: long, black, wavy/curly/wild
Eyes: "Butter-colored" aka yellow, cries blood
Build: thin/skinny
Skin: very pale with scars and bruises (bruises from shooting up 'ophorium'); and here is an excerpt from the book of Belimai describing his skin: "Hundreds of small scars cut across the thin muscles of my bare arm. They wound up from my wrists, marking inch after inch of my body with mechanical precision. The scar tissue was as pale as the rest of my skin, but shinier and slightly sunken, like delicate embossing. The scars had faded enough over the years that, given enough darkness or drink, a man might not notice the holy verses carved into my body." - Belimai, pg.13 of Wicked Gentlemen
Personality: he's very cynical/sarcastic, dark, and that makes up his humor. Although he doesn't like to, he does show his weaknesses to the one(s) closest to him sometimes (crying)...he really hates to though. He always wants to seem like he's a strong, tough, scary guy, but for the ones he loves, he'll do anything, and sometimes that involves showing weakness. He's hardheaded, too, and won't give in to authority; he feels like he always has to be right. He is an addict (though later in the book he attempts to recover) and he drinks, smokes, and enjoys drawing as well as playing cards.

Hmm...I think that's about it. He could be shirtless or wearing a shirt that might be worn in the 1600-1900's-ish (that's the time period or so it seems to me). Now this scan has nothing to do with the book itself, but the guy looks like how I'd imagine Belimai to look. Just as a reference. ^_^

If you have any other questions about the book that might help you, please ask them in the comment box! 2 submissions allowed per person, they may be colored or simply shaded, normal sexy proportions or even chibi. Good luck!!! [pass this challenge along to anyone that you think may be interested! Thanks!]

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